4 Best Apps For Travel For Android

Do you love travelling all over the world, exploring amazing view, or have a stroll on the exotic street? If you enjoy so as I do, I assure you that this acticle may do some help for your future trips. While travelling to a place that is new to you, best apps for travel will probably be your best partner that helps you find the way, discover a nice restaurant and check the transport information. Believe or not, as for me, some apps are going to be more important than my wallet when travelling to a new place. I have listed some of these wonderful helper for travelers:


1. AccuWeather

Isn’t that important to know the weather when planning a trip? I do agree so. So the first one I will put on the list is the most reliable weather forecaster AccuWeather. It provides amazingly accurate weather information in every location you choose on the globe.


AccuWeather Android App Interface

AccuWeather provides the most reliable data

Apart from temperature and weather, AccuWeather provides detailed and accurate data of Wind Direction, Speed, Gusts, UV Index, Humidity and even RealFeel. It is amazing that we could have so much information with only one app. After using AccuWeather, sudden storm or changable weather can no longer bother me and my perfect plan. 🙂



2. HERE Map – Free Navigation App

Map is a must-have for me in my trip because I was so poor in finding direction. It is really dangeraous getting lost in a strange place. In case of that, I chose navigation apps very seriously. HERE Map is my favourite which provides correct and accurate information.

HERE Map Android

What makes HERE Map stands out is the offline services indluding offline map and offline navigation, which helps you easily find your way even with no access to internet.

HERE Map Offline Navigation


3. Yelp

Yelp is an amazing platform that integrate informations of local restaurants. It is the best helper for food explorer to pick the best-rated or the best popular place for your ideal meal.

Yelp App for free

In Yelp you can read comments by real customers, which means that it will be non-commercial related, and real enough. I discovered so many great cafe with Yelp and I made a satisfying order with the help of other customers’ recommendation.

Yelp Free App available for download


4. Booking – Travel Booking App

It is probably the best place for hotel booking especially when you are planning an internation trip. Covering over 580,000 location, you can find every type accommodation and make a booking conveniently.

Booking App available for download

It is also a social platform that you can read or leave comments on the accommodation, which helps traveller to choose the most ideal one.



In fact there are more apps that I use in travel. But I wanted to make the list as efficient and simple as possible, so I struggled and choose four best travel apps. They do help dramatically in your journey. If you happen to have a plan on travelling, do not hesitate to download these best apps for travel and I am sure that you will find travel that easy.

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