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Games are always be the popular topic in various occasions.  Among them, racing games bring people exciting and stimulating.  What racing games do you play always? Temple run?  or Truck Racing? These days i have met 2 racing games and have many fun on them. Rickshaw Mountain Racing and Reckless Moto are both i want to recommend to you. let’s see how to play on it.

Rickshaw Mountain Racing is an app of driving the rickshaw to climb hill. if you are an rickshaw and truck lover that this app is fit for you. It has many levels and you have to reach the score so that you can unlock the next level. You should driving within the time and pay attention to the cars around without a traffic accident.

climb hill

Here are some other features:

it is a simple operation controlling;

beautiful roads as background;

plenty of graphics;

fast action speed effects;

addictive game play;

Another important point is that it only needs 5.9M. So you don’t need to worry the condition of without wifi.

reckless moto

Reckless moto is a motorcycle racing games. It is an extreme street racing games. In this app, you will be a moto driver, and you will have a special experience. There are 3 different vehicles you can control. And each bike has a unique holloywood characteristic for you to choose. You should tilt you phone of controlling the direction. and the moto will speed up if you touch the screen. It is very easy to play. And it is also small with 4M. Unbelievable is it! Why not have a try to download it?

Welcome to leave a comment if you have any another recommendation.


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