best talking app for android in 2016

When we talk about talking app, most people may think of my talking tom app. But this time i won’t talk about it. i have found other 3 talking apps which are funny and popular among people.  Talking apps stay popular because they can help people spend with their free time so that they can reduce the feeling of lonely.  Especially for kids when their parents go to work. The following apps are cat caller, talking parrot and talking tom loves angela.

talking app caller

Schedule a Call from Cat and receive the Phone call from Cat that says what you want on phone that will surprise everyone around with cat call. Cat caller is an app which is easy to play. First, you would choose the time when to receive from the cat. And next you can record what you want the cat to say when you get phone call from cat. You can change the time when you want to. Then you will receive the call when you scheduled with original ringtone. Eventually listen to what cat say on speaker or handover the phone to someone who you want to surprise with cat caller.

talking tom app

2.talking parrot

This app has the real best looking parrot. And the parrot is glad to entertain you.

Parrot will listen to all the things you say.  And parrot will give a nice listening pose when it hears it.

Talking Parrot talks back in his funny voice.

If you shake the phone, talking parrot will dance for you  Parrot tries to impress you with his dance moves.

The parrot will get hurt and cry when you touch him.

tom and angela

3.talking tom loves angela

Talking tom has climbed all the way up to the rooftop to reach a glimpse of Angela. And tom will repeat what you say to Angela so help him attract her by having a chat, singing a song,  and giving her gifts.

How to chat with it:

First, press the letter button to enter chat mode.

use the keyboard to type what you want to say.

Then, tom will then give your message to Angela.

Angela will reply via text and voice.

Chat to Angela about anything you like: dating, fashion, love, celebrities, friends, school, movies, music, TV, books, hobbies, food, travel, and pets etc.

Start trivia quizzes by typing any of these commands into the chat window: quiz, give me a quiz, play quiz.

The good news is these talking app that they are all small so you can download them without wifi. If you like them, welcome to leave a comment under the text.

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