Best Tool Apps For Android: Redefine Your Smartphones

Tool apps may not get much attention and popularity as games or social apps do, but they definitely make great differences to your smartphones. With good tool apps you will find your phone performs much better than other’s. That’s not a joke. I have once had my phone runningĀ  at least 2 times faster after some great tool apps installed (which will be mentioned followed). Sounds great? Let’s get it started:


1. Clean Master

It is well-known that clean master android app is performing really good in many android phones, getting millions of 5-star rating! What Clean Master can do is more than clean up junk files. There is more:

  • Memory Boost

This might be one of the greatest functions of Clean Master which can check and clean apps, processes and files you seldom use in order to free your phone’s memory. Result from that, your phone battery can last for longer and your phone will perform better and more fluent.


  • AntiVirus

In AntyVirus tests, Clean Master ranked the top for many times, which suggests the outstanding performance of its virus fighting tech. As a phone user, we should take more attention to personal information in our mobile device. Unaware of the potential danger with your phone might caused you great lost. A trusted protector such as AntiVirus of Clean Master will help you protect your phone and information within.

  • Junk File Cleaning

With Junk File Cleaning, cache and residual files in your phone will be cleaned accurately and keep useful files safe. This is a great way to keep your phone storage getting low and improve your phone’s performance by freeing storage space.


  • Battery Saver

More processes running means more battery consuming. With battery Saver, some useless processes will be shut down to guarantee a longer lasting battery.


This is app is my best performing one among all of the tool apps I have tried. It free up so many spaces that keeps the phone running fast and lightly. Everytime I found I am not having a satisfying fluent experience, I would simply click the bottom and it automatically optimize the storage comsuming in a few seconds.


2. AppLock

As for me, I cannot stand any existing potantial of privacy disclosure at all and AppLock Android really helps me with this. It is designed clean and soft, which is really friendly to users. As a lock screen app, AppLock is light and simple to use, and most importantly secure. With AppLock I have a great relief of my privacy leak concerns. It is light, secure, beautiful looking. What else is needed for a lock app?



3. SHAREit

With everything going rapid, people are having more expectancy on high speed file transfering. SHAREit Android App is coming up as one of the best acknowledged file transfering app in the world. You can enjoy great advantages of this app such as:

  • Can be used without cable or Wi-Fi
  • Smart and clean interface
  • Multiple files and visitors at the same time
  • Can’t be easier to learn and use, as there is only one function actually
  • Detects files automatically
  • Dramatic speed that you cannot enjoy in other apps or Bluetooth
  • Securety guaranteed

If you need frequent fiiles transfering, SHAREit is no doublt an ideal app for you. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.



In my opinion, tool apps are meant to optimize phone performance, which is the reason why I did not list much apps to take up too much storage of your phone. According to my experience, with these 3 tool apps your phone will be equiped perfectly. Try them if you are interested!

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