Bubble Archery: a bubble shot game for fun

Bubble Archery has so many features of what you look for in shoot bubble games. Such as cute and colorful graphics, challenging,  and a gradual difficulty curve that eases you into the experience. The bubble shot app is easy to use, and something you’ve likely seen plenty of times before.  As you play a giant weight pushes the balls slowly towards the bottom of the screen and if the balls every reach the bottom it’s game over.

bubble shot

This app is to shoot bubbles with bow and arrow. it is a level game. It has many unique and interesting levels where to complete a level you have to shoot all the bubbles using your aiming and logical skills. The physics used in this game is very accurate and interesting. And As you pass through the game the levels will become more difficult, with more balloons on the screen and different colors to shoot.

balloon shooting games

Other features in it:

The graphic in it is colorful and funny.

It has many levels.

Accurate Physics.


You can have a good family time with it.

balloon shooting games


The app is free-to-play, with in-app purchases and ads. You can trade your own cash for in-game gold to spend on powering up your balls with special abilities, but the good news is that no purchases are necessary to enjoy the game to its full extent.

You can happily play without spending a penny and you also have the option to viewing a video advert to earn in-game cash, should you wish to. The regular in-game ads are a little more intrusive, however, popping up frequently when navigating through the menus.


Bubble Archery is a pick-up-and-play, simple game. And it also can call balloon shooting games. While completing levels can be easy at first, the chance to increase the difficulty means the challenge can soon becomes interesting, and beating all of the stages on all difficulties, in all of the realms, will take a long time.

The inclusion of special balls adds something extra to the mix and overall it’s a pleasant experience, even without ever being mind-blowing.

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