HD Camera app: new useful photo app i found

Phone cameras are cameras which made to capture photos and video of action of all types. Regardless if you wildlife, shooting sporting occasions,  or perhaps your kids give a performance in school, getting the best photo apps could make a big difference on the planet regarding the quality and clearness you receive. As we all know, line camera are popular among users. Besides, i have found another camera app practical for those who may mind with profession although it may not have cute themes which is called HD Camera.

hd camera

HD Camera is a camera app which is becoming more and more popular among people. Why is it becoming popular it is beacause of its manual camera features, including shutter speed, light metering, white balance, adjustable settings for exposure compensation, and focus.  And it can give photographers better control over what their photos are going to look like. It supports a live RGB histogram, lossless PNG, and JPEG files,  and various overlays. It’s effective and grateful for people to use it.

hd camera1(it has many settings for you to choose one fits you more)


Detailed features:

Timer of countdown;

Modes with camera, panorama and video recorder;

Widely pictures of screen;

Quality setting of photos;

Setting of white balance;


Screen mode settings:night, sunset, action;

Targeting of location;

hd camera2

Here are some reviews for you:

Edward Zheng: it has some practical function when you taking photos, it is so useful!

Sam Chan: the best photo app i have ever used.


When the time is gone, it’s said that it had gone forever, and all that things remain are the photos we take as a memory. As our phones increasingly become our go-to devices for capturing these memories, it’s important that they can do that to the best of their abilities. so finding a useful phone app becomes important in our life.

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