Nova launcher: the top launcher app for android

Most of the launchers which come pre-placed on your phone is going to be slow and bloated. In the market, we call these pre-installed launchers, “stock launchers”. If they’re not slow at first, they are able to get slow with time. Your phone will end up laggy and fewer responsive.¬†Among the advantages of Android is it provides you with options. Should you hate your stock launcher, not a problem there are more options available? You will find loads of 3rd party launchers around the Google Play Store. There are plenty of, actually, it would take a lot of some time and more income than you’d choose to spend, to test all of them. I wish to simplify this selection for you. I wish to help you save that a lot of money and time. So i want to introduce Nova launcher, which i think is the top launcher app for android.

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Nova Launcher is among individuals gems that actually works away from the box but has limitless choices to personalize virtually everything. Like a fundamental launcher or hjome substitute, you will find the homepages to put cutting corners and icons on, symbols to represent all your installed programs, along with a drawer to carry all of them. If you do not such as the way your house screens and application drawer check out the telephone you purchased, you are able to install nova prime¬†and change it with one install. And it’ll all just work.

Nova Launcher enables you to definitely help make your Launcher look and act how you would like it to look and act, versus you getting to stay for something another person envisioned. It goes past the basics you will find along with other launchers, and you can choose nova launcher themes and dives deep into some micro-management style configurations to match charge of nearly everything.

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For me personally, the very best features in almost any custom launcher are the type that let me set my application drawer generate income enjoy it. Some apps that I have to keep will not be utilized very frequently, although some get used constantly. Getting a method to group and type things are important.

Nova Launcher may be the best component that ever grew to become of Android. Endless personalization (without fiddling or flashing anything) is important to plenty people. Android gets the status of enabling anybody to accomplish nearly everything to the means by which their phone looks and the way it performs the basic principles, and Nova Launcher gives both experienced as well as the veterans of us a great way to try everything.

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Nova Launcher is 100% free. Yes. There is a Nova Launcher Premium upgrade for $4.99 that’s purely optional, but even if you will not find yourself getting it, you are still acquiring a completely featured, complete launcher, while using free version. Really, the qualities that are unlocked while using Premium upgrade are centered on convenience instead of added functionality, since you will see.

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