UC browser review: comprehensive and strong tool for us

As for browser, Chrome may be the most popular and widely discussion app because of the simple layout, plenty of plugins, complete service and so on. Recently i found another browser application also useful for us to look through what we want to discover, which is called UC browser. UC browser application is designed for the people to meet a lot of need of music, videos, books, downloading and so on.

uc browser1

Here are the following features for you to know more about it:

1.Concise layout but not a easy look.

The new version of uc browser has redesigned its navigation.

2.The management of downloading.

With downloading, you can download many version in the same time. Also you can download document backstage. And if you lose to download it support to restart downloading the document.

3. Setting gesture of watching movies.

If you are tired of adjust volume and screen brightness by pages buttons. You can set your own gesture on  pages with moving left or right on movie schedule, brightness, volume and others.

uc browser3

4.Personal themes for you.

uc browser2

5. Night mode

The most intimate function for  us that can protect our eyes when we play it at night.

Among these function, I like the night mode best. Nowadays, although we turn off the light, but we won’t go to bed at once. Most of us may play phone in a time and after that we would go to sleep. So night mode is necessary for us to protect our eyes, although it isn’t a good way to play games in the condition in dark.

Importantly, uc browser free for us is convenient. And it just 16.5M. So you can download uc browser without wifi. Welcome to search it and leave your comment of reviews.


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