useful tool apps you should have-Door Lock Screen and Lotus Live Wallpaper new

Tool apps don’t seem like social apps and games which are popular in our life, but in fact, they can better solve people’s problem which people can’t solve them by themselves. Like weather forecasting,  people must use certain tools for analysis to determine the weather so that they can plan to wear what should wear. Or like copy and paste tools, although people don’t use them frequently, when people need to do a lot of pasting, the tool will save a lot of unnecessary time. In this article, I will show you what tool apps i like and i use them frequently. Door Lock Screen and Lotus Live Wallpaper new are both 2 tool apps i would like to introduce. Let’s see how they work.

live wall paper

3d Live wallpaper is the amazing live wall papers with lotus flower for you to decorate your mobile screen, which can make it look awesome and beautiful. This lotus flower rotating in 360 degrees and control with touch interaction. You can customize views in default,long and closer. It has two colors like pink and blue. And you don’t have to worry about the size of the app, it just takes 1.6M with free price.

door lock screen

Another tool app called door lock screen is specially designed for people to unlock the phone application. You may curious about its name of door screen lock. because this lock is a home door.  And you can unlock your phone screen just like open a door. When you drop down door handles, the sound and vibrate effect of opening a real door will be heard. Sound like interesting it is!Compare with other lock, such as sliding lock, password lock or image lock on android market, this phone lock is much more creative and beautiful. It can simulate the progress of unlocking home door! This app is also free for us.

So this two apps do helpful in life. You should search them and know about them. I think you will like them.

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