VLC player: the best media player app for deservation

How is it going with your media player on your phone or personal computer? Recently i found a media player called vlc video player which is useful for those who like watching movie without TV. In this article i will show you how it works to make you guys know more about it.

vlc media player

VLC media player can be a portable, free and mix-platform media player and films online server put together through the VideoLAN project. VLC could be acquired for desktop os’s and mobile platforms, for instance Android, iPad, iPhone, and ipod device Touch. VLC may also be on Application stores for instance Apple’s Application Store and Microsoft  windows Store.

vlc app supports many audio and video compression techniques and file formats, including DVD, VCD and streaming techniques. Having the ability to stream media over personal computers also to transcode multimedia files.

How it looks:

Base interface, VLC has an excellent menu. And that is strictly simple and stripped down with buttons placed methodically at the lower end of the screen.The seek bar is bounded at both of its ends by granular speed control buttons to reduce and increase the speed of playback. And you have the common click for stopping playback pause or resuming playback , open playlist previous and next media in the playlist,  full screen toggle, extended settings for audio-video-subtitles effects and synchronization, repeat and shuffle. The toolbars are fully customizable so you get to choose the buttons needed on the interface. Sometimes I wished the menu bar could be stripped off as all the options are available on right click.

what’s the feature:

VLC has favourites for many nice videos and is entirely self-contained so that it remains unruffled against any esoteric video formats to make sure that no additional codecs are required for playback. It makes you create bookmarks and basic playlists to store your local media files, podcast subscriptions and Internet radio stations. The media player is powerful, light, fast and features fully customizable hotkeys that makes it very easy to use.

So many interesting function in the vlc player you can search to see. And the vlc player lastest version has been pushed out these time. You can download it and welcome to leave a comment after using it.

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